Interior Detailing

Interior Detail

Pristine Touch Auto Spa offers quality interior service in Nashville, TN. Striving to bring your vehicle’s interior back to the best condition possible. Every seat, carpet, plastics, leather, cupholders. will be shampooed, detailed, and steam cleaned. Given that we do clean everything as best as we possibly can, there might be a situation where the stain might not go away 100% and thats due to the material that it’s on or how long it’s been  there.

Our ultimate goal is to get your interior looking way better than it did when you brought it to us. We have all the tools to take on any task so don’t worry about it being “too dirty” we got it!

Our Cleaning Process

  • Remove loose items: We throw away any obvious trash. Any personal items are placed in a bag and given to you once service is done.

  • Vacuum/Dusting off: Prepping stage where we thoroughly vacuum the floors & seats using our air compressor and drill to get the best results possible. Also go around with a soft brush and vacuum to dust off all the plastic’s cracks & crevices.

  • Shampoo Carpet, Seats & Mats: Once everything is prepped we shampoo all fabrics and fibers using  fabric-specific chemicals and a hot water extractor machine. This step helps us remove stains from carpets and seats. If you don’t have fabric seats we do thoroughly clean & condition leather seats which is equivalent to shampooing a fabric seat

  • Plastic & Leather Cleaning: In order to get the interior plastics clean and disinfected we use a combination of brushes, pads, crevice tools, steam, & air compressor ensuring we hit every hard plastic. Once clean, we apply non-greasy UV protectant. This protects the plastic from fading.

  • Clean Windows & Wipe-down Door Jambs: All interior windows such as sunroof, visors, rear and front windshield are properly clean. The paint around the interior door are wiped down to give it that nice final touch for the interior.

  • Final Inspection & Touch Up: We like to go over our work to see what we missed or can improve on before delivering the vehicle to you.

Add-On Services (Not included in package)

Interior Detail FAQs


How long does this service take?

Depending on the size and  condition of the vehicle. We can take any where from 2 to 6 hours.

Do you remove seats? 

Here at Pristine Touch Auto Spa we don’t remove the seats given the fact the we have all the right tools to get in between the seats to vacuum, steam, shampoo, and blowout any debris.

How long does it take for the seats and carpets to dry?

It really depends on the climate we are working under. The warmer it is the faster it will dry, so it should be dry by the time we are done. We also throw in fans to speed up the drying process. If it is pretty cool we turn on the hot air and crack the window about an inch and it should dry properly.

Will every stain be removed?

Unfortunately there is so much we can do to remove a stain. It really depends on what kind of stain it may be, on what material and the age. We can confidently say that any dye stains like spilt kool-aid will not come up at all.

Does this service remove odors?

For the most part it does. But for heavier odors like smoke, mold, or just any lingering malodors it will need to be treated with our ozone odor eliminator service. We don’t have that as a listed package but if you let us know prior to your appointment we can for sure let you know onsite if it needs it or not. Pricing may increase if it needs extra work.

Will it smell like chemicals once you are done?

No it won’t. We don’t use any harsh chemicals that might be too strong in smell. Every chemical is neutralized to give proper cleaning effectives and not leave any odor behind.

Do you need access to my electrical outlet?

We really appreciate you for asking, but we carry our electrical generator that gives us power. We wouldn’t want to trip the breaker.

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