Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detail

No swirl marks guaranteed with our proper car washing methods.

It is known by now that taking your vehicle through a tunnel car wash is a big mistake as it produces scratches, swirls marks or even unexplained damage to any part of your vehicle. While it is a cheap route to take, it is not the best option. You did spend a lot of money on your vehicle so it would be best to care for it the right way.

If your not looking for anything too fancy but still want your paint to pop, the exterior detail package is for you. We’ll wash away everyday dirt/grime, dust, and bird poo with proper washing and drying methods. Your vehicle’s paint will also receive a nice layer of protection that will make your paint shinDegrease tires & clean wheels

Our Process

  • Clean Wheels & Tires: Degrease the tires and scrub them. Deep clean the wheels including the inner barrels and fender wells

  • Pre-rinsing: Spray a pre rinsing solution onto the entire vehicle and rinse off with pressure wash to knock off a layer of dirt.

  • Contact Wash: Hand wash the exterior paint and also using a detail brush to clean gas cap, trim, front grill, emblems, nooks & crannies

  • Claybar: Using a piece of clay to remove embedded dirt that the hand washing couldn’t get for smoother surface.

  • Drying: With a dedicated exterior towel we dry the paint and use our blower to blow away water that is hiding in the cracks

  • Apply Sealant: Once completely dry we machine apply the sealant onto the paint for a high shine.

  • Tire & Plastic Dressing: Apply a UV dressing to tire and plastics on the exterior to give it a pop.

Add- On Services (Not Included in Package)

Exterior Detail FAQs


Do you need access to my water?

We come fully equipped with our own water. We gladly appreciate you asking but we want you to have a great experience with us and just sit back and relax.

Does this service remove scratches?

Even though the sealant is applied with a machine it would only remove light swirl marks & scratches. The sealant is intended to enhance the paint’s gloss. If you want scratches fully removed you can go under our services tab and check out our Paint Correction page.

How long will the sealant last?

It all depends how you store your vehicle. If it is mostly garage kept you should get a solid 4-6 months. But if your car is parked outside with all the environment’s elements, the sealant can give you a solid 3 months tops. Final thing to consider is if you are washing it properly using the right soap to not strip away the sealant.

Will the chemicals mess up my driveway?

Not at all, we only use biodegradable products that are not harsh on your vehicle or driveway.

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